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Mass Communication is the study of mass media and it includes all types of media used to convey the information to the audience. For e.g. newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television, etc. Media stands, as an attractive career prospect to the youth of today .It has emerged as a viable career option in the recent years, thanks to the boom in media and technology.  Mass Communication programs work in a variety of fields in news media and publishing, public relations and research institutes. There are many areas in mass communication like print, films, web, radio, and so forth. There are also many areas of specialization like, production, direction, photography and many others


 Journalism is the field concerned with producing news, reports and editorials through various forms of media including newspapers, magazines, radio and television, and the Internet. Journalism is highly satisfying and challenging career Journalists—be they writers, editors or photographers; broadcast presenters or producers—serve as the chief purveyors of information and opinion in contemporary mass society. As for as journalism is concern, today Broadcast Journalism (TV and Radio), Web journalism, Print Journalism is there. Recently New Media design is coming up, where you might found out in various news channels like CNN, BBC.

Eligibility Conditions: Candidate seeking admission to the postgraduate Diploma in Journalism and mass communication must have a bachelor’s degree in any stream. The candidate must have passed Punjabi up to Matric level.

Admission will be made on merit basis

Paper Code              Title of Paper

Paper-I                        Introduction To Mass Communication

Paper-II                       Growth & Development Of Media

Paper-III                      Reporting For Print Media

Paper-IV                     Photography and Photo Journalism

                        Project/ Practical Assignment